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Transfer Fair Helps Prepare Students to Continue Education

Community college is often considered a place to prepare students for a larger university. Last month, Frederick Community College hosted a Transfer Fair for students wanting to transfer to a four-year university.  

This year’s fair was held on Feb. 26 in the Student Center. About 40 transfer schools from Maryland, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Delaware attended.

FCC Transfer Fair co-coordinator and adviser Jane Dibble said this year’s Transfer Fair saw an 18% increase from previous fairs. information on programs, scholarships, deadlines, details on campus visits and more! 

 Students had the chance to speak to universities directly. Students who applied at the fair were entered into a raffle for a gift card to the FCC bookstore.

Jadyn Streets, 18, of Frederick, is a first-year exercise science major. She said she was relieved she had gotten more information on universities she wanted to attend, such as West Virginia University, University of Maryland, and Towson University.

“There are many new opportunities at colleges up there and it’s like the perfect distance away from here, not too far but not too close,” she said about Towson. 

Nicole Reyes, 19, of Frederick, is an early childhood education major. She attended the transfer fair to get more information on Towson University, which she hopes to attend this coming fall.

“Towson has such a nice education program,” she said.  

She plans on living with her friends in an apartment near them. She said it will be a great experience to be away from her family and gain independence.  

Dibble said the fair is meant to help students educate themselves on possible careers and the workforce  

“Successful transfer, for students in transfer programs, is a central mission of FCC because of its major importance to our students,” Dibble said.  

Angel Bautista, 21, of Frederick, is a second-year business major at FCC. 

 “Towson has a great business program. It would be my ideal situation to transfer there,” said Bautista, who specifically attended the transfer fair to learn about the university.

According to Dribble, Towson University is the most popular college at the fair and has the highest percentage of transfers outside of FCC. She encouraged students to visit the FCC bookstore because every week throughout each month, the school will have a few colleges out there to receive information.







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