What Makes FCC so Great? We Asked Students.

Frederick Community College offers students the opportunity to join an array of clubs and be a part of multiple events taking place.

Commuter staff surveyed students on what their most memorable  experiences at FCC.

Alexa Hall, 19, of Frederick. is an arts and humanities major. Due to her sister’s experience at a four-year private university, Hall realized she could save money and time by going to a local community college for two years, and then transferring.

Over the past two years, she said has had an amazing time with the events and all of the experiences the college offers. She also, along with a group of friends, reinstated the Visual Arts Club, and she is now the president.

Kaydence Graves, 19, an arts major from Walkersville in her second semester at FCC. They said initially chose FCC for its convenient location and affordable tuition.

An artist and aspiring concept artist for Riot Games, they found a way to channel their creative spark into the FCC community: they have been making progress on their degree as a visual arts major and performing with the FCC String Ensemble as a cellist.

She said she has meaningfully learned from the arts department and looks forward to learning more. Opportunities for students and other community members with similar interests to view this semester’s developments.

Continuing the trend of extracurricular involvement is Visual Arts Club Treasurer Mac Clingerman. He said decided to come to FCC because of the environment that FCC cultivates.

He anticipated that going to a four-year university might not give him the same perspective on life and people that a more varied community college could bring.

He said he came to FCC in search of insight on what the right path for him really was, and in this he found community activity and clubs to be a great social diversion.

He said he found FCC had a “good environment, great professors, and lots of community activity with approachable people” that hat made the college experience much nicer.

Clingerman his time on campus so much that he is considering returning for video production after he completes his degree in graphic design at a four- year college.

The following Commuter staff contributed to this article: Liv Sweigart, Konner Swann, TyRay Rickenberg, Kyle Waterman, and Meghan Moberly.

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