Flying Cows off to a Flying Start as They Shoot For Championship Aspirations

The Flying Cows Basketball Coach Ed Corporal is confident that the team can soar to a championship in its first year as an organization.

Frederick County, home to The Basketball League’s (TBL) Flying Cows, starts off their season strong, winning their first game against Pennsylvania’s Reading Rebels. The game came down to the absolute wire, and in a storybook-like finish, rookie Caleb Wood drained a three-point field goal to steal the win from the Rebels at the buzzer. The 3,000-plus crowd leaped out of the stands and stormed the court to congratulate The Flying Cows on their first win as a team.

Head coach Ed Corporal has been coaching basketball for over 39 years. His experience ranges from club level to the top teams of the TBL. 

Corporal said that Frederick is the “best I’ve seen as far as community and engagement.” 

According to TBL, Corporal is the winningest coach in TBL history. 

“Every place I’ve been, I’ve won,” he said.  

Corporal explained that the expectation is always the same no matter where he coaches. 

“Same expectation, different location and faces,” he said. 

When Corporal was asked why he came to Frederick he said, “it was the right place at the right time.” He also said the he was “familiar with the area and community.” 

Chris Jenkins, general manager The Frederick Flying Cows, explained  that the organization was based on what he described as a “three-leg stool.” Each leg consisted of a community product, a winning organization, and an entertainment product. 

Team captain Travares “T”  Sledge, who has been playing in the league since day one, feels comfortable with his team and strives to “work hard and plan to win a championship.” 

He went on to explain how he felt welcomed with open arms by everyone and that the owners take care of their players. Everyone at the Flying Cows strives for a championship in their first year, with Corporal leading the charge.

“Stay locked in, focus on the big picture. Fight through adversity and come out stronger,” he said. 

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