Coach Davis huddling with his players during practice. Photo by Jake Nicholson

New Year, New Coach, New Team

By Jake Nicholson

As of Dec. 4, Chris Davis was named the new head coach for the Frederick Community College softball team. Davis wants to create a new atmosphere for the team this year. “I want to change the environment to be more competitive and to create the same feeling that four-year colleges do with their programs.” Davis said.

Coach Davis has 14 years of softball coaching experience since he began coaching softball in 2005. Coach Davis is very excited about the talent that he has on the FCC roster this year. He can’t wait to take his team out on the field and compete.

When Coach Davis was asked about the strength of his softball team he said, “The pitching, we have six pitchers which is a very good amount. It is very important to have a deep bullpen. Also, the player leadership on the team.”

Coach Davis has already acquired new uniforms for the team that feature a new color blend and a new style. Also, with the addition of these new uniforms the student athletes on the softball team can pick their numbers and have the number that they want.

All the student athletes on the softball team are very grateful and happy with their new head Coach. When Whitney Dickerson, a pitcher on the team, was asked about her opinion of the new coach, she said “We are all honestly truly grateful that (Coach Davis) became our coach and that he is willing to put in all the hard work… overall, he’s just a great coach.”

For those who do not know, being a player or a coach for the softball team is a lot of hard work, time and effort. The softball team practices every day and they have away tournaments and away games which can include a lot of traveling time.

Coach Davis grew up in western Howard County in the Woodbine area. Some of his favorite sports teams are the Baltimore Orioles and the Washington Redskins.

Coach Davis is very grateful for the opportunity to coach here at FCC. He has a very strong passion for coaching softball. This job is special to Coach Davis, because he now can coach his daughter at the college level.

Coach Davis wants to be more than just a coach, though. He wants to be a positive role model on and off the field. When Coach Davis was asked what motivates him, he said, “Helping people to succeed.”

The softball team’s first home game is March 24 at 1:00pm. Come support our Lady Cougars to victory!

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