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The Flying Cows: Frederick’s Basketball Team

Branching into a new sports and entertainment department, Frederick welcomes a professional basketball team into the county named The Flying Cows.

The Frederick Flying Cows will participate in the sixth season of The Basketball League, or the TBL, in March 2024 by competing among teams across the country.

The team was officially announced in September, during the In the Streets festival in downtown Frederick. Over 1,000 residents cast their ballots to name the team. The Flying Cows will represent the slogan “Fear the Beast” throughout the season and will look to defend their hometown 12 games during the season at BB&T Arena at Hood College.

Coach Ed Corporal will lead the Flying Cows for their first season. Corporal holds the highest win percentage as a coach within the entire league. From Kansas City, Kansas, Corporal is entering his 39th year as a head coach and has been successful at many levels, including the NBA. He also was the head coach of the 2021 TBL Champions, the Enid Outlaws, and looks to return to the championship with the Cows this upcoming season.

Leaving his previous job in Enid, Oklahoma, Corporal easily adjusted to Frederick, with many good things to say about the town and its high hopes for the season.

“It was a no-brainer for me. Frederick is like a second home to me,” Corporal said.

He was already familiar with Frederick as he lived here during the ’80s as well as traveling here consistently throughout his life.

“This town is going to be very special,” he said. “And compared to all the other towns I’ve been in, I knew this one would be the best one.”

But regardless of where Corporal goes, his success always follows right behind him. The key to this consistent success is his defensive-minded schematics that make it difficult for the opposing teams to compete with his rosters.

“The first thing I preach when we get to training camp is defense  — no matter if we’re hitting shots that night or not, our defense never waivers,” said Corporal. “…We make sure we get after it on that end of the ball.”

Even though defense is a big aspect of Corporal’s coaching, he will also look to his impact on players who had followed him during the off-season. One of these players will be Donté Greene, a former NBA player. The team will depend on its high-caliber defense and playmaking to lead them to a successful first season in the league.

Becoming one of the most successful coaches in the TBL wasn’t something that came easy to Corporal, as he faced lots of adversity along the way. About 10 years ago, he suffered two massive strokes, losing his ability to walk. During this time, he didn’t know if he would ever be able to do what he loved the most again.

“I live with an extra sense of passion in me now,” Corporal said, noting that he’s made a full recovery. “And I tell my guys all the time to never take these types of things for granted because, at one point, I didn’t know if I would be able to coach ever again.”

He said the TBL has been supportive towards him, supporting him throughout his journey, along with supporting others as well.

The TBL provides an opportunity and experience for people who aspire to play the sport of basketball at the next level. By providing a route to the NBA through valuable connections not only on the court but also through training and off-the-court experiences. The TBL teaches and shows its players what it’s like to be in a professional sports setting and guides them through the business to prepare them for the bigger market.

The TBL is currently in the training camp phase of the offseason, holding combines and tryouts for players to have a chance at joining a roster. The schedule for this upcoming season has yet to be released by the league, but a full schedule will be released on The Flying Cows’ website,

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