From left, Brady Noon, Emma Myers, holding Lincoln Alex Sykes or Theodore Brian Sykes, Jennifer Garner and Ed Helms in “Family Switch.”Credit...Colleen Hayes/Netflix

‘Family Switch’ Review: Are Body-Switching Movies Overdone?

Everyone has seen the classic body-switching movies like “Freaky Friday” and “13 Going on 30.” But 2023’s “Family Switch” does something none of those movies have done — switching the whole family.

“Family Switch” (PG, 1 hour, 30 minutes) focuses on a family with a disconnected bond, causing them to switch bodies, including the baby and dog, causing laughable moments between them. The movie stars Jennifer Gardner and Ed Helmes as the parents, Jess and Bill, Emma Myers as their daughter CC, Brady Noon as son Wyatt, and Lincoln and Theodore Skyes take on double duty to play baby Miles.

The movie is overall a corny take on the classic plot, telling you exactly what you are going to be watching.

The story starts off fast-paced to quickly give information on the characters’ personalities. The first 15 minutes feel like the whole movie itself.

The camera cuts swiftly to many angles while also showing the emotion of every character. The light is quite dark, making it feel like it is always afternoon. A warm and orange color palette is used for lighting.

The movie includes a montage of Los Angeles when settings change, which is enjoyable.

“Family Switch” includes many classic scenes you could find in any ’90s film: slow motion, spy movies, and unrealistic school scenes.

The movie breaks the fourth wall by mentioning they are not the first to create a film with this plot.

The movie slows down after switching bodies, giving you a chance to really understand the characters. The acting is well done, for example when hey switch, you can tell from their body language and dialogue.

Even with the familiar faces, this film let down the fans of classic body-switching movies. You can form your own opinion by watching the film on Netflix.

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