Frederick Community Colleges Students on What They’ve Learned and Will Carry Over to Next Semester

Students at Frederick Community College have strategies that help them overcome difficult tasks. With the 2023 fall semester coming to a close, what strategies will students carry over next semester?

FCC started open registration and advising appointments for students to sign up for spring 2024 classes. The Commuter asked students their thoughts on signing up for new classes and what they have learned to carry over into the next semester. 

Marissa Cruz, 19, a returning student from Tuscarora, came up with skills to make workloads feel less overwhelming, and it has been a useful strategy for students.

“At the beginning of the semester, I was worried about new classes and certain classes I had not taken before. Throughout the semester I came up with better time management skills that I will carry over into next semester,” Cruz said. 

Time management is a useful strategy for students. Having good time management skills has allowed students to complete work at an appropriate pace and allowed students not to feel as overwhelmed as before according to students.

Many students who are here at FCC found it stressful to make advising appointments that worked with their schedules. According to students, many found it difficult to get advising meetings right away because of the demand to sign up for new classes. 

Dylan Brown, 18, a first-year student from Middletown, found making an advising appointment difficult and stressful. 

“When trying to sign up for new classes, I saw many appointments were booked and meetings with my advisor were not available. The only available appointments left were appointments at the end of the month,” Brown said.

Having to sign up for new classes can be stressful for students. Students felt that with a high amount of students getting advising appointments before them the classes they needed would be no longer available, and they needed to find other classes to fill what they needed according to students. 

Riley Fry, 18, from Brunswick, is a first-year student. He said being a first-year student it was difficult trying to find where to set up a meeting with his advisor.

“Signing up for spring classes, I was unsure of where to sign up for an advising meeting. Not being sure I put off searching for a few days and finally decided to give it another try. I finally found out where to sign up but when I found this out I noticed my only available options were later in the semester,” Fry said.

With an overwhelming amount of students needing to find new classes, advisors are trying to meet every student’s needs. With students signing up for new classes, class selection for the new semester runs slimmer and, according to students, it is important to make a meeting as soon as possible.

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