Students gathered at Cougar Grille last month for a Students Affair meeting.

Getting you affairs in order

Student Affairs Fair was held Jan. 31, in the Cougar Café at the Student Center.  The event consisted of tables set up across the room with staff members for each department offering assistance to students both new and old at FCC.

The fair “brings the services to them (students)” said Kristi Mills the assistant director of Student Leadership and Engagement.

The resources displayed at the fair have always been around at FCC, but the fair is a brand-new event in its first year to answer any questions and offer help to students, Mills said.  If any student missed the fair and has any questions in general or need help to find which department they need, then go to room H101 where Student Leadership and Engagement will help, she said.

The Registration and Records stand was manned by Associate Registrar Tina Berry and Registrar Deirdre Weilminister.

Registration and Records is responsible for many services including credit transfer such as Military credit according to the pair. The department works on commencement for graduating students, and assists students visiting FCC and students who reverse transfer to FCC.

Students can reach the department at [email protected].

Sandra George, manager of Students Services, represented the Welcome Center.  The Monroe Center was advertised at the stand as FCC’s alternate campus ,which the Welcome Center is also involved in.  The center offers a survey for students if they are not sure where they need help.  The survey can refer you to food assistance, tutoring, mental health, mentoring and childcare. “We are here on campus” said George on where students can reach out.

Special Assistant to the Director of Athletics Lisa Hildabrand worked the Athletics booth.  Hildabrand said they are at work “24/7” helping the athletics department as well as non-athletic related work.  The department is there for all the coaches and staff making up 7 teams.  The department also wants to add lacrosse if the school can make a new turf field, according to Hildabrand.

Jane Beatty, the director of Student Finance, was in charge of the Students Accounts stand.  Their department works with assisting students on payment options for schooling.  The department works with Financial Aid, but is not Financial Aid.  Beatty can be reached at [email protected].

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