THE BACHELOR - ABC’s “The Bachelor” stars Back row: Victoria J., Ariel, Kaity, Cara, Olivia M., Kylee, Mercedes, Davia, Anastasia, Sonia Middle row: Olivia L., Brooklyn, Lekha, Brianna, Bailey, Christina, Madison, Genevie, Holland, Gabi Front row: Jessica, Cat, Vanessa, Aly, Greer, Viktoria E., Charity, Katherine, Kimberly. (ABC/Craig Sjodin)

Commentary: Why does ‘The Bachelor’ lack diversity?

Everyone deserves to find the love of their life.

Many have claimed the reason “The Bachelor” (Mondays, 8-10 p.m. ABC) is plummeting in ratings is due to the lack of diversity seen on the television screen. This year’s bachelor is Zach Shallcross. Viewers say that it lacks bachelorettes from a variety of ethnicities, as well as ages and body types.

“Respectfully so, ‘The Bachelor’ has shown in the past that you really need to do is not just say that the show is going to add diversity to the show, but to also make it known that there are other women in the room who are minorities (and) who deserve to share their love stories as well,” said Andrew Mayer, 23, of Frederick a business major.

Mayer said the contestants who are mostly minorities also get less airtime on the show.

“Representation really does matter when you are a viewer of this show,” he said.

There seems to be a social media problem when it comes to the newer seasons of “The Bachelor” by finding out that the bachelor contestant has posted information about the show earlier than expected.

Being able to trust the bachelor on the show gives the audience a deep perspective of how the audience can be able to invest longer in the relationship. Viewers of “The Bachelor” are going to search to find out information about the last relationship of the bachelor.

Fans are really surprised to see that the newest season of “The Bachelor” is more about sticking up for him to find love than there is drama within this 19th season of the show. Many fans agree that Zach is boring enough to carry this season. But the fans are happy that they see his love story unfold, and the viewers continue to watch love stories happen instead of unnecessary drama.

“Yes, I have been a fan of “The Bachelor” ever since it came out used to watch it with my mom. It would be our tradition, but I honestly have to say I would love to see some evident change, and finding out as a viewer that they are finally realizing that there needs to be a change to be put in action, and more people of color like the producer, behind the scenes people need to have jobs as well on this show to make sure everyone has a fair advantage of making history.” said Jake Brown, 21, of Myersville, an Arts Major.

How the television show can be changed is showing the diversity within the show franchise? Let the men and women have more airtime who are of a minority.

But to change the show for the better, we must understand that the producers must be authentic and real with themselves and see that there is a problem with the franchise and take action to continue to show positive loving relationships within the show.

Television is supposed to be a form of escapism for some people to be seen as a time to themselves without any distractions going on in their head; that person can sit down and feel OK about watching their all-time favorite tv show for two-hours.

“’The Bachelor’ is all about finding love and seeing who can have a happy ever after moment within their lives, but ‘The Bachelor’ is soon to be dying now because they are talking about racial justice issues and not so much lovey-dovey stuff,” said Melanie Smith, 30, of Myerseville, a STEM major. “But I like to see change, and it is people who are responding well, so let us show vulnerability. And that people around the world everyone can find love no matter what skin color you are.”

Murlie Myers, 19 a STEM major, also agrees.

“Everyone deserves love, needs to be seen on screen, and be loved by whoever, and that starts with representation because it matters,” Myers said.

Bachelor Nation audiences all around the world are watching and need to realize there can be wonderful love stories that make up this beautiful world we live in with real people that can be told authentically.

Who wants to find love and have their chapter in life if this is going to happen? There must be research done showing a diverse cast.

Also, looking at data for the show to see the ratings of the show and if they are a positive response. Because multiple love stories can be shared around the world, and it is just nice to know the fans are aware and want to see change within the franchise.

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