Holiday traditions: FCC student edition

By Austin Baker & Enjelle Mitchell 

As the fall semester draws to a close, students at Frederick Community College prepare for a cold, but hopefully restful holiday break.

While this upcoming winter season is expected to be one of the most bone-chilling winters we have seen in recent years, the student body seems to be keeping warm due to the abundance of Christmas spirit flowing through the air.

Sophomore Nolan Jones, 19, described the feeling many are beginning to experience by saying, “I really enjoy the overall energy of the atmosphere when I leave my home. I love the Christmas spirit.” 

The halls of the college campus have quite literally been decked with boughs of holly, and many trees and decorative plants inside and outside of the buildings are now covered with bright Christmas lights. And of course, the students and staff are beginning to bundle themselves in winter coats, scarves, hats, and gloves. The Christmas season is officially upon us.

However, despite the layers of warm clothing, the homey decorations, and the inviting Christmas lights, this winter’s frost is still no match. After speaking with several students on campus, it has become clear that the best way to keep warm this holiday break is by gathering together, whether it be by the fireplace, the Christmas tree, the dinner table, or even the television.

“To me, Christmas means spending time with family and loved ones,” said Shyanna Wildgoose, 19, a sophomore.  “It’s a great time where we get to celebrate the actual time we have together.”

For many, one of the most exciting parts about the holidays is the selection of Christmas films that play on television for the entire month of December. ABC’s “25 Days of Christmas” never fails to deliver, playing films ranging from “Home Alone,” to “The Grinch,” to “Harry Potter” (the winter-set ones in particular).

“Growing up in a smaller household, my parents and I always used to look forward to watching the Polar Express every year on Christmas Eve. I feel like that movie always sets the perfect mood for the season,” said sophomore Darick Swinimer, a film major at the college. 

While some families may decide to keep it lowkey and cozy for season like Swinimer’s, other families see the break as a time to gather in large numbers, where one has no choice but to catch a case of the Christmas spirit.

“For Christmas in Hispanic households, we celebrate Christmas on Christmas Eve. We usually throw a huge party, invite family and friends, cook our cultural foods, play games, watch TV, and listen to cultural music,” said Wesley Paz, an 18-year-old Montgomery County resident, “As soon as 12 AM hits, we open Christmas presents. On Christmas Day we relax, play games, and watch movies while we stay in our PJs all day.”  

Whatever the scenario, whether you celebrate with a large group, a small group, just some friends, or even if you prefer to relax and stay cozy by yourself, there is no doubt that the holiday season can provide some of the most enjoyable moments of the year, while still keeping you warm.

Even if it sounds corny, this winter the weather outside mi get frightful, but the fire (or festivities) inside can be even more delightful. 











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