FCC spreads the cheer with Christmas ducks

In  the words of Mariah Carey “It’s time!” Christmas is literally right around the corner and earlier this month, FCC kicked off the season by giving out Christmas ducks, a complimentary lunch and a live jazz band concert.

On Dec. 1, FCC decided to hand out Christmas ducks. According to Millardsguild.com “A Christmas duck symbolizes blessings, getting protection, and being encouraged.” 

FCC counselor Emily Gebhart said she has a couple of holiday traditions.

“We always pick out a fresh tree together and as it’s soaking up water so the branches can drop, we decorate the rest of the house for Christmas,” she said. “The ornaments for the tree are incredibly special because the ornaments are from when I was a kid to growing up as an adult. Anytime there is a big event, change of job, good grades, etc. you get an ornament. As we hang the ornaments, we go back through the milestones that we’ve hit and retell stories, laugh, have fun, cry, etc. Another one of our family traditions is how we celebrate the holidays with the family on Christmas Eve.”

FCC student Mac Clingerman, 18, of Frederick said his family has their own traditions as well.

“We set up Christmas decorations on Black Friday. My mom bakes multiple platters of cookies, and my siblings and I collect Christmas items such as snow globes, nutcrackers, and Snow Babies.”

Christmas for FCC student Elvin Martinez, 19, of the coastal side of Honduras means resisting his roots. 

“My mom usually cooks a lot of our cultural foods such as tamales for Christmas. She also bakes a lot of pastries,” he said. “It’s not much but it’s super fun for the family and me.” 

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