Sustainability and New Beginnings

By: Charlie O’Donnell

Environmental club FCC Goes Green has new life, with plans to grow and make an impact. The club was inactive for a while, but student and president Delight Nweneka re-founded the club last semester, and it now gets institutional support.

Nweneka’s initial plan for the club is to grow the member population. Vice President Jesus Lopez said “We’re actively seeking members and leadership roles.”

“Leadership opportunities available include; treasurer, secretary and public relations officer,” said Nweneka.

Focusing on environmental sustainability, Nweneka started last semester by conducting a recycling bin survey throughout campus. The survey resulted in the strategic placement of recycling bins throughout campus, in spots where they were most needed.

The club’s current tentative ideas include clean-up campus days, maintaining campus gardens, banning single serving plastic plates and utensils, and using less energy on campus.

“We will focus on a few select ideas to present to administration, along with plans to take action,” Lopez said.

One may have found FCC Goes Green in the Student Engagement Center on Earth Day, April 22. Along with promoting their ideas, club members gave out plants, seeds and pods. The club’s meeting schedules can also be found on the college’s engagement calendar. FCC Goes Green is planning a trip to the botanical garden for FCC in DC day, on April 26.

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