FCC Students Compete May 6 in Juried Art Show

Artist Kara Olson found inspiration for art in video games.

That’s when she began drawing characters and taking art more seriously, said Olson, 20, a second-year arts and humanity major.

Olson is one of 90 to 95 students who will be showing over 97 pieces in  The Student Juried Show Monday, May 6, in the Visual & Performing Arts Center. The event is at 11:30 a.m. and the award ceremony begins at 11:45 a.m.

The show is a juried show, meaning there are official judges in separate categories. Winners will receive a cash prize. Olson is presenting three pieces total, two of which are physical pieces, and one is a digital piece.

Wendell Poindexter, FCC professor and program manager of art, and event organizer, said the top three in each category win up to $50.

Olson won second place last year in the art show, but was unable to attend. This year she plans to attend the show.  

Olson said she is overjoyed to be a part of the show.

She said she plans on attending the show  “to support all my friends, and to see all the cool artwork.

“Everyone is tired, and they’re probably happy to see the results of their artwork. It’s a moment to share our creativity with each other and show it off,” she said. 

After FCC, Olson plans to pursue a career as a tattoo artist.

“It’ll be a slow process, but I’ll get there. The tattoo industry is competitive, but I feel like with enough practice of putting myself out there and getting more assertive, I’ll be able to make it,” she said.

Olson’s work can be seen on Instagram @lynixio.

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