Free Mental Health First Aid class offered to FCC students

Many students are going through mental health around the world, but it is even happening right here on our campus.

More than 4 in 10, or 42%, of students felt persistently sad or hopeless, and nearly one-third (29%) experienced poor mental health, according to a 2021 report by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Frederick Community College is hosting a class that will teach people “how to address mental health or substance abuse crisis.”Mental health is ongoing even right here on our campus.  

Frederick Community College will host a free Mental Health First Aid Training, a skill-based program for students and staff. The next two training  9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Fridays, March 22, and April 19, from in the Student Center, room 202/203.  

This class is a national program through the Nation Council for Mental Wellbeing. Benita Rashaw, interim vice president for student affairs, started the program because she wanted to recognize the importance of mental health within our campus.

Emily Gebhart, an FCC counselor at  Frederick Community College, she will lead the Mental Health First Aid Training on campus. According to Gebhard, Reshaw started to bring the training on campus because she wanted students to have a good foundation for people who don’t have a mental health background. She also wants to destigmatize mental health among students on campus. 

Gebhart said she wants “many, many people” to attend. She said she also wants to help students with mental health on campus.  

The in-person portion of the training will last about seven hours, and those taking the class will be provided lunch. To prepare for the in-person training, those signing up must complete two hours of online prework.  

According to Gebhart, during this class, “participants can expect to learn about the impact of mental health and substance use challenges on the wellbeing of American adults, learn the five steps of Mental Health First Aid action plan, and learn about the signs and symptoms of mental health challenges.”  

She said students will be given the opportunity to apply the steps to scenarios addressing signs and interventions for mental health and substance use challenges. Students will also engage in discussions, simulations, or different role plays. This will help them better understand the impact mental health can have on people and how they can help somebody who is struggling with mental health issues. 

To learn more about this training, scan the QR codes attached for a SignUpGenius link. Each QR code is for its date; scan the date you wish to attend. There will be more information about the training and event; then, scroll down and click sign up to complete the application.

March 22 class:

Apri 19 class:

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