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Which ‘Friends’ Character Are You?

The first television broadcast was in 1926- making TV nearly one hundred years old. In that time, thousands of series and broadcasts were developed, but the 1990 sitcoms were staples in most American households. “Friends” is one of the most widely known sitcoms around the world, exploring the lives of six New York City citizens trying to find their way in adulthood.

College is not unlike “Friends,” where students find their paths and learn their interests and disinterests. Many students at Frederick Community College have made a connection with one or more characters of “Friends.”

The most common Friend that students related to or wanted to relate to was Phoebe Buffay.

“[I am Phoebe] because of her love for the weird and eclectic,” said Astrid Waldien-Craig, 25, of Ijamsville, an early childhood education major.

Other fans of the show find themselves wanting to be most like Phoebe.

“(Phoebe) sees the good in everything. She is a positive soul,” said Kiera Emshoff, 17, of Frederick, a general education major.

Another main character that many students related to was Chandler Bing. His use of humor to cope stuck with some students. Bing attempted to make a joke out of every situation, thanks to his sarcastic personality. No one shared that they felt a connection because of his unusual childhood or habits, though they were also key parts of his personality.

The rarer personalities that FCC students related to included Ross and Monica Geller, Rachel Green, and Joey Tribbiani.

Ross was an eccentric character who was a part of most drama in the friend group. “I guess because we are both interested in the same career path,” said Caspian Byer, 19, of Walkersville, an arts and humanities major, about being most like Ross.

Monica Geller, Ross’s sister, was a very organized person who liked to be in charge. Few students shared these personality traits, meaning the Gellers were unusual characters. There were no students who shared Rachel Green’s personality. This might be attributed to Rachel’s selfishness throughout the show.

While only one student said they were like Joey — Joe Close, a film major, was the only student to say they were most like Joey, mainly because of their shared name, but also because Joey had a good heart.

“(Joey) was the least problematic and the best person in the cast. His stories were not selfish. Yes, he was a slut, but always had a good heart and always put others first,”  Waldien-Craig said.

Frederick Community College students who have seen “Friends” find themselves relating to more than one personality from the show. Students shared that they want to have Phoebe’s carefree spirit, Chandler’s sense of humor, and Joey’s kind heart. Monica’s need for control,

Ross’s erraticism, and Rachel’s selfish nature made fewer students connect with them. Which character do you find yourself relating to most when you watch “Friends?”

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