How Do You Celebrate the Holidays?

With the holidays around the corner, the time of family gatherings and traditions is sure to cure some of that winter seasonal depression.  

Other than a large holiday meal, what other traditions do Frederick Community College students celebrate?

Laura Rothermel, 19, a nursing student, likes to “spend holidays with family and friends.”

While criminal justice major Olivia Katz said she doesn’t have any unique holiday traditions.

“Thanksgiving is a big holiday in my family,” Katz said. “We always spend it at my grandmother’s house where we will have unique dishes such as corn soufflé or vegan gravy that my aunt brings. My grandmother always makes cherry rolls, which consist of puff pastry cream cheese and maraschino cherries, all the cousins almost always fight over the last one.”

The holidays are a time of family gatherings, good food and drink, and celebration. But every family has slightly different traditions. Rothermel said every Christmas, her family “has a big fat roast” Katz said the only thing her family always has on Christmas is ham.

While for my family it depends on what my sister feels like making. As a culinary school graduate, she tends to make something incredible every year, usually steak with some type of delicious sauce. My extended family is large, loud and Italian, and every year for as long as I can remember, we would always eat spaghetti on Christmas.

When we were kids all the adults would hide the stockings and gifts behind a curtain while we all waited in anticipation to see what treasures we were about to unwrap. As I get older, we continue the same traditions with the new generation of cousins, and it is always fun to see their faces light up when the curtain is revealed.

Kayleigh Thomas 23, an education major,r said her favorite part of the holidays is when her sister from New York comes home to visit.  

I am truly grateful for my family and all we do during the holidays to come closer together. Whatever holidays you observe or traditions you celebrate you are surrounded by family or friends. I hope your holidays are full of laughter, good company and good times to get us all through to the new year.  

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