Frederick Community College Students Thoughts on Finishing Out the Semester

Students at Frederick Community College are coming to the end of the 2023 fall semester, so what strategies will students use to finish strong? 

The Commuter asked students around campus their thoughts on classes coming to an end and what students will do to finish the semester strong.  

Kelly Gross, 19, a returning student from Middletown is a little stressed about finishing out the semester, she said.  

“The end of the semester is always overwhelming for me,” Gross said.” Trying to crunch in work by the end of the semester and studying on top of that is stressful. Finals and exams are my main priority right now with also getting in work before the semester is over.” 

One of the biggest issues for students is how to find time to get work done and study for the final but some students said it can also be rewarding in the end as they learn about deadlines and trying their best. Deadlines can be a difficult task, but students are trying their best to work for what they feel they deserve according to students at FCC. However, that doesn’t mean it’s not stressful. 

Troy Jones, 18, a first-year student from Tuscarora, said over Thanksgiving break he spent the majority of his time completing work and studying for finals in the upcoming weeks.

“These past weeks have been extremely stressful for me,” Jones said. “Having to juggle classwork from different classes it’s been hard to find time to get work done and study at the same time. Thanksgiving break was very helpful for me being able to get work done without having to worry about other workloads coming my way and having the time to study for finals coming up the following week,” Jones said.

Some students said having time away from receiving workloads can be beneficial to students because it allows them to stay on top of their work and study for the weeks to come.

Wade Phillips, 18, a first-year student from Brunswick, explained how his semester went in his opinion and what strategies he used to help him finish the semester. 

“Looking back at the semester, I feel pleased with how much I have accomplished and how much I have done throughout the semester. The useful strategies I have used are better time management skills and using resources on campus like the library to help me with my work,” Phillips said.

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