Downtown Frederick’s Embark Skate Shop offers Skateboarders Clothes with a Designer Flair

Skateboarders need a special kind of gear —  from boards to wheels to clothing. Emark Skate Shop at 238B N. Market St. in Downtown Frederick offers skaters a place to outfit themselves from head to toe. Owner Brent Porterfield took time to chat with The Commuter about his business. 

 The Commuter: Where do you get the clothes for your shop? 

Porterfield: Usually, I get clothes from skate companies, and we have our own Embark clothing line.

The Commuter: What kind of art styles do you like?

Porterfield: Whatever the skateboarding community likes is how we go about purchasing for the shop. We also like casual, comfortable clothes for skaters, like graphic T-shirts, flannels, and cargos.

The Commuter: Do you take any designers willing to sell with your brand?

Porterfield We utilize local designers to help us.

The Commuter: Can designers profit from selling their clothes?

Porterfield: They get a portion of profits or merchandise depending on what they are doing for the store

The Commuter: What is your favorite piece at the store?

Porterfield: One of the first ones we did was the tree, the guy who did that design is now a tattoo artist at Classic Electric.

The Commuter: Who was your favorite person you worked with?

Porterfield: Josh DeFrance, watching him grow as an artist to tattoo artist has been great. He was the one who also made the tree.

The Commuter: Anything else you would like to add?

Porterfield: We love to outsource from local people, and we have a collection in the spring with a designer from France.

For hours and to see all the items Embark has to offer, go to


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