Gravel & Grind: More than just a normal coffee shop

Coffee is a big deal here in Frederick.

There are many types of coffee shops downtown or throughout Frederick. With so many choices one can make, it’s hard to want to choose just one to go to, but with Gravel & Grind, the business stands out from the rest with its small, but strong menu.

Gravel & Grind specializes in everything coffee as well, also everything bikes. It’s more than just a normal coffee shop, because of its unique bike services.

When you walk into Gravel, you can expect a cozy environment with plenty of places to sit and relax.

Owner Tracy Hathaway recently took a moment to chat about what to expect during a visit owner of Gravel & Grind to ask more questions about the menu and the overall experience the restaurant.

The Commuter: What is Gravel & Grind all about? What can you expect to get when you come here?”

Hathaway: Community, great coffee and food, friendly bike service, sales and rentals. Supporting our local community by providing a comfortable space, friendly service, and quality goods.

The Commuter: What kind of coffee drinks can you order?

Hathaway: A variety: pour-over, regular brewed coffee, espresso drinks. All of our syrups are house-made.

The Commuter: What is your current latte flavor?

Hathaway: Spice Spice Baby, our version of the popular pumpkin spice latte. (which is made up of pumpkin syrup, maple syrup, and fall spices.)

The Commuter: And what are some of the food items in the menu?”

Hathaway: We have toast with a variety of topping, most of them are house-made. Bread is from a local bakery: Twin Bears. House-made pastries. House\made (vegan and gluten-free) soup.

Gravel & Grind also offers a waffle with a housemade fruit compote, and a gluten-free version.

The Commuter: “How busy does it get on the weekends?

Hathaway: Very busy on the weekends from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. Then just steady after that. We have delicious waffles from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. only on weekends.

Gravel & Grind also offers something for those who enjoy bicycling in between cups of coffee. Those who have an interest bike riding along with their coffee

From bike rentals, to bike services, the business offers anything and everything bikes. Bikers can could get their bike fixed, checked, and even cleaned. The company’s website mentions all types of services related to bikes, you can even buy different gear and parts for your bike. As well as the services, renting a bike to ride around downtown is one of their most used bike services.

The Commuter: And finally, I saw that you could rent bikes here, how does that work?

Hathaway: By calling ahead and reserving or even on the spot. It’s $20 for a half day and $30 for a whole day.

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