Enjoy the holiday season with a trip to Gaver Farm

With November in full swing, and the warm weather finally blowing away, we can focus our attention on the fall season and the many fun activities that come with it. Gaver Farm, a diversified family farming operation located in Mount Airy, is just one of the many pumpkin patches in Frederick County.  

The farm was first established in 1978 and started off as a crop growing business, Now the farm has been expanded to many different attractions for many families to enjoy.  

Gaver officially started its business season at the start of September, with its Fall Festival. The festival ran until the end of October and features many fun rides and activities for all families to enjoy, along with their signature apple cider products. Gaver’s Fall Festival celebrated its 17th year in business. 

Missed the fall fun? No worries! Gaver has reopened its doors back to the public for the winter season. During this time, Gaver sells home-grown Christmas trees to the public, along with serving hot beverages such as their homemade hot chocolate or coffee to keep you warm.

The farm will also host many events for the public such as Christmas celebrations where all types of holiday music will be played along with Christmas tree selling. The farm hours are 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. during the Christmas season, allowing free admission for all customers to view the scenery during the wintertime. 

Despite being known for its family-friendly events and seasonal traditions, Gaver wants to be known as more than just an attraction farm. With a diverse number of crops being grown on the fields, Gaver can provide field trip opportunities and interactive teaching lessons.

“Even though there are a lot of fun activities here on this farm all of those activities tie back to something educational, about agriculture, which is the most important part of our business.” Said Lisa Gaver, one of the owners of Gaver Farm.  

Interested in visiting the farm? Check out the Garver Farm website to learn more information regarding the farm and its upcoming events at https://gaverfarm.com/ 

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