Frederick Community College Students’ Thoughts on Being Over Halfway Done the Fall Semester

Students at Frederick Community College have strategies that have helped them overcome tasks throughout the semester. With being more than halfway done with the 2023 fall semester, what will students do to finish strong?

FCC started a brand-new semester on Aug.19. The Commuter asked students their thoughts about being weeks away from the end of the semester, along with what helped them get through this semester. 

Jackson Williams, 18, a first-year student from Tuscarora, came up with skills to make workloads feel not so overwhelming and has become a useful strategy for students.

“At the beginning of the semester, I felt overwhelmed with assignments and managing class, but I have come up with better time management skills that have helped me complete my work,” Williams said.

Time management is an important skill for many students. With different amounts of work coming throughout the week, it is important to know what assignments must be done and what to do later.

Many new students who came to FCC found it stressful with more responsibility to handle. Josh Burton, 18, a first-year student from Middletown talked about the responsibility to stay on top of the workload and how to clarify assigned tasks.

“The most difficult part I have encountered is taking more responsibility in my schoolwork,” she said. “One way to be more responsible is to write down assignment deadlines, so I complete work before deadlines.”

Having to take on more responsibility, students at first feel overwhelmed with having to do a lot on their own. Over time, responsibility is beneficial to these students because it allows them to find help when needed like being open to finding help and finding new resources the campus offers which allows students to find different resources that are beneficial to them.

Chloe Miller, 19, from Middletown, is a returning FCC student. She said her past experiences have been beneficial to students by allowing them to use past strategies to help her throughout the semester.

For Frederick Community College students, it was a popular idea that past experiences have made the semester not as overwhelming. Frederick Community College students’ useful way of experiencing a less overwhelming second half of the semester has been made by using better time management skills, being more responsible, and using more resources the campus provides.

“Using past skills from past experiences has made this semester feel less stressful than in the past,” Miller said. I’ve been able to come up with better ways of managing my work and be more open to asking questions when needed.”

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