Student organizations show off African roots with fashion show

Frederick Community College recently just hosted a Fashion Show to showcase African culture apparel with poetry, African music, singing and dancing.

The event was hosted by FCC’s student clubs, African Student Association (ASA) and Black Student Union (BSU). Both clubs typically host cultural events and activities to celebrate African culture and promote awareness and understanding of African issues.  Some things they do is have guest speakers come and talk, organize cultural performances such as the fashion show, and join in other Frederick Community College events.

When attending the event, they had different types of cultural wear based on the event.

“There’s a lot of Africans on campus, and Frederick Community College has become more diverse,” said Kafui Ameko, 18, a-second year FCC student and president of the ASA.  “So it’s important for people to get together and learn more about our club and others.”

Ameko said models tried on the clothes and were put into categories based on how they looked.  Clothing categories were streetwear, party, and formal.

Ameko said she wasn’t the only one who played a big role in hosting and putting this all together. The models walked to music.

“I actually have two other vice presidents,” she explained.  One student is vice president is public relations, and the other is the club’s treasurer. They both helped with picking the music.

Ameko said the club was founded during the spring semester 2022 and became official in December 2022. She said there are exciting things the club hopes to have planned for next year.

“I won’t be here, but we want there to be another fashion show, like a yearly thing,” she said.

The fashion show brought two clubs together and Ameko said they want to continue to work together.

“It was a lot of fun. Honestly, I wasn’t freaking out or upset if someone couldn’t do something it was pretty chill,” she said.

The fashion show drew a diverse audience who came and helped out to support this event.

“There were 400 seats and only 20 RSVP, so we didn’t know how many people we were going to have,” Ameko said.  “Seeing the turnout was really good for a first show.”

Dzifa Ameko, 17, first year  Frederick Community College student, was one of the models who walked in this show. Dzifa talks about how fun it was to walk and how she’s never done anything like this before.

“I didn’t even know how to walk,” she said “This was a new experience, and I enjoyed being in this show very much!”

Vice President Cizian Osei said there are only good things to come.

“We were thinking about doing a cookout as an end-of-the-year celebration,” she said.  “To celebrate how far we’ve come.”

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