Internship Fair offers students opportunities

Internships are an important way for students to gain experience in their chosen field.

Frederick Community College held an internship fair for students on Feb. 21, at the Cougar Café.

The event consisted of businesses and organizations setting up a stand to talk with prospective interns and offer goodies for their time.

Anne Scholl-Fielder is the assistant director of Career Services & Advising Career & Academic Planning Services for FCC. She was also the fair’s coordinator.  She said the fair included information for students on summer internships and paid internships.

In the three hours of the fair, students had an opportunity to talk and learn about openings and get started on their internships.  Students had a variety of choices with the several business and groups in attendance.

Some students came to the Internship Fair with a purpose.

Phoebe Richards was looking for “something that’ll booster my confidence in my skills.”

The 19-year-old freshman from Middletown is a computer science major.

“I’m only just starting to look into internships,” she said, and that she is likely to begin her internship in the fall.

As for conflicts with her schedule by taking an internship, Richards said, “It’ll definitely cause some hiccups.” However, she is looking for online internships to make things easier on her schedule.

Eyiakimeh Enuameh is a 16-year-old biology major from Frederick County.

“I’m interested in biology because I have an interest in the science field,” she said.

Enuameh said has an interest in biology because she likes animals.  The freshman looks for open biology internships with an idea to start “either this year or next year.”

Given that she is starting to search for biology internships, she has to start planning her schedule.  She said she is unsure how an internship will affect her schedule.

Nathan Debruyn had his own unique interests and internship plans as the other students had.  The 18-year-old freshman from Columbia is pursuing a major in mechanical engineering.

“I’m hoping to find something I enjoy,” Debruyn said on what he’s looking for in an internship.

He later said he wants to “get experience in the field before I pursue a career.”

Debruyn is still new to internships as he has “no experience” and is looking into information on potential internships.  Debruyn wants to start his internship sooner than others.

Debruyn said he wants to start “preferably a couple of weeks after the semester ends.”

Given that he is looking for a summer internship, he said that there would not be any impact on his schedule.  However, he said that if the internship goes into the fall, then there could be scheduling conflict with his job and that things would have to be spread out. He said he stopped by a few of the representatives at some of the tables

If any student has missed the fair and wants to look for internship opportunities, they can contact Scholl-Fielder.

“I can share that information with them,” she said. FCC’s recruitment platform, College Central, offers that information. they are now beginning the search, and the school is ready to help them out.

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