Iconic cover of Taylor Swift's new album, released October 21, 2022.

Taylor Swift’s New Album has Fans Flocking

Taylor Swift has again proven that she’s more than just songs about exes with her newly released and record-breaking album “Midnights.”

“Midnights” is Swift’s most anticipated album for many reasons, one being that it is the most vulnerable album she has ever made. She said this album would dive into the insecurities that she feels about herself, the guilt she feels, revenge fantasies, and the things that keep her up at night. She turned her scary moments into a beautiful masterpiece with this album.

And even though she gave fans two studio albums in 2020, “Folklore” and “Evermore,” fans were clamoring for another release. So much so that Spotify crashed within the first 15 minutes of the album’s release because of downloads.

One longtime fan was excited to listen to Swift’s newest release.

“I have always been a fan of her’s for the longest I dressed up as her in all her eras for Halloween every year since I was 8 years old, and I am planning to go to her Era’s Tour,” said Katherine Hines, 24. “I am so, excited about this concert to be surrounded by other Swiftie Fans. ”

Mathew Johnson, 20, said he’s been a fan since the Reputation Era and “I discovered my love for that woman.”

“She has changed my world, as in now I can be able to scream in my car and blast an album that I can relate to — like getting revenge on your exes. Who does not fantasize about that?,” he asked.

“Midnights” is packed with Swift’s signature songwriting style and catchy lyrics. There is a good balance between “1989,” which is a pop album, and a mix of “Folklore,” which is another album she wrote during the pandemic. The lyrics have a chill-laid-back feeling to them.

Unfortunately, Taylor Swift does not have the power to please everyone, and some disgruntled fans made that known. Carly West, 21, said the album was just not memorable, and it reminds her of Taylor’s  2019 album, “Lover.”

Gabriella Hansley, 34, said her kids are fans and so is she.

“My kids have had the album on repeat they love the ‘Great War,’ and ‘Anti-Hero.’ I see why they love her,” she said. “I have been to her concert with them; they scream just like the other Swifties, but she is great.”

Fans of Taylor are good at finding Easter eggs in the different music videos of her past videos and songs, leading into her recent music videos.

One fan, 27-year-old Nick Huxley asked, “My only question was what is she doing April 29th? Because I want to know. The world still wants to know. What this woman was doing during that time?”

And some are delving deeply into her lyrics for clues.

“Many Swifties have come up with new theories regarding the song of ‘Lavender Haze,’ off of ‘Midnights, that is about a marriage between her and Joe Alwyn, her boyfriend,” said James Kelly, 21.

Swift is known for capturing people’s attention with her lyrics and “Midnights” does not disappoint with her relatable lyrics, which she writes with intelligence. She can captivate an audience with her words.

Fan Raquelle White, 25, said Swift has matured as an artist.

“I got to say my favorite song is ‘Karma’ because it flips in a way,” she said. “Like karma is on the bad side usually when you think of the word, but the artist makes being on the good side. She is reclaiming her power because so many people have gossiped about her through the years. It is a new era for her; that is all I can say.”

With her new album, “Midnights,” Taylor Swift has broken records and stolen hearts, and she was able to start and continue a journey with her fans that has made this album a joy to listen to, even going through our most vulnerable moments.

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