Mikyah Jones, Isabella Kowalczyk, Jordan Bell, Alexa Schiano Di Cola, Donovan Double, Zachary Vandler, and Vanessa Kihika sit for a club photo.

Calling All Anime Fans

The Frederick Community College Anime Club is a small group of close friends who spend time with one another and bond over their shared love of anime. 

Meeting twice a week from 2 to 4 p.m. Mondays and Thursdays, the members sit and enjoy anime together. 

The club is run by four presidents: Jordan Bell, 18, a freshman STEM major, Grace Womeku, 18, a freshman art major, Isabella Kowalczyk, 18,  an education major and Alexa Schiano Di Cola, 18, a freshman English education major, all from Frederick. 

This version of the Anime Club is a bit of a club revival. According to Kowalczyk the original club started in 2019, but this year it was started up again with new members.

Among the presidents’ anime recommendations, “My Hero Academia” was mentioned by both Kowalczyk and Schiano Di Cola. Kowalczyk also encouraged others to check out “Spy x Family,” and Schiano Di Cola refers viewers to “Fruits Basket.” Bell recommended “Haikyuu” and “The Seven Deadly Sins,” and Womeku prefers “Detective Conan.” One of their more anticipated shows that are starting to air now is the second half of season one of “Spy x Family,” and the new series “Chainsaw Man.”

While most of their recommended anime movies are action anime, the club is open to all genres. 

As club budgets go, the club is not very expensive. Most of their budget goes to purchasing snacks to eat while watching anime, but the club does have special plans for the future.

The presidents said there are plans for a manga shopping spree at Barnes and Noble and a trip to Frederick Comic Con, (where the members will make their cosplays).

Among their debates in club meetings, a big topic of discussion is that of an age-old anime debate: whether subbed anime or dubbed anime is better. Kowalczyk said there is a split among the group on if they prefer the Japanese-voice acting with English subtitles or the English-voice acting when they watch an anime; Kowalczyk likened the discussion in the club to “commentary.”

Club activities mostly consist of binge-watching anime. At the recent meeting, the group watched the classic anime “Cowboy Bebop,” which also brought the debate on whether you like the character of Faye Valentine, and again… it was a split.

By joining the anime club, the members have become close friends. The friends even want to go to Baltimore Comic Con on their own, outside of club times. The club presidents talked about how open the club is to new members and by joining will open your door to new friendships.

“You will make very good friends if you join,” said Schiano Di Cola.

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