Dreaming of a sunny spring break: Students reflect on their plans

Home may be where the heart is, but for some Frederick Community College students it might also double as their personal Airbnb for spring break.

The Commter staff late last month asked sudents hanging out at the Student Center what their plans were for spring break, which is March 30 through April 1. Not surprisingly, the pandemic played a key role in their answers.

Kasenia Olney, a third-year student, said she’ll be staying home.

“I’ll just be hanging out with family, doing work or projects, chilling with my pets, and having ‘me’ time,” she said.

Although that’s what her plans are this year, her dream vacation varies slightly.

“I would go on a picnic, do photography, make jokes with friends, and enjoy nice weather,” she said.

Home also seemed to be the theme of the day.

Freshman Milton Ribas said, “I’ll be staying home, I don’t like traveling much.”

However, that didn’t stop him from dreaming of taking a trip overseas.

“If I had to choose, I would go to Japan for the anime,” he said.

Traveling abroad was of interest to freshman Ethan Felichko as well but said, “for spring break I’ll be working mostly, along with schoolwork and reading.”

But he still has his eyes set on the trip to Europe to visit the UK, Ireland and France.

For freshman Kevona Walker, her dream spring break would be to go to Fiji; however, she wants to focus on being a mother. That means Walker plans to do the same thing as she did last year: stay home.

Paula Donoso, a freshman, used last year’s spring break for an important milestone.

“I did get my (driver’s) license and was proud of that,” said the 19-year -old.

Just like Felichko and Walker, she also has dreams of traveling. “I would travel overseas and travel to South America with family.”

Katy Pennington, freshman, would also like to travel, but would be for spring break.

“I would typically travel in the summer, not for spring break,” she said.

This year her time off will be spent, “somewhere quiet with no people, relaxing, rejuvenating, things like that.”

This year Joe Zetts, a freshman, plans on having the same spring break he had last year, hanging with family and friends. Zetts says his dream spring break is to go to the beach with friends and enjoy the ocean.

Mark Florimbio, a freshman, plans to stay at home, just as he did last year. He prefers “chilling out at home,” more than going out. He even went as far as to say that his dream spring break is  justato stay at home and chill.

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