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Previous FCC and now Salisbury student Thomas Hill poses with FCC Commuter writer Pat O’Connor during a Halloween social event. Photo by Pat O'Connor.

Transfer Options: A Visit to Salisbury University

Every year, many FCC students make the transition to continue their academic careers at a four-year college. With 33 such colleges in Maryland alone, this can be a tough choice for many students. Located only three hours from Frederick and only one hour from the beach, Salisbury is a great in-state option for any FCC student wanting to attend a four-year school. 

On Nov. 1, I had the pleasure of going to Salisbury to tour the school. I wanted to learn not only what a new student might come across, but what Salisbury had to offer to me as a community college student. I got to walk through buildings, converse with people, old friends and new ones, try the local food, and get a good feeling of the college atmosphere.

Any students wanting to make the transition must be able to transfer credits and transcripts. Luckily, FCC is partnered with all Maryland colleges to make sure all credits earned at FCC are transferable. FCC is also a great choice for anyone who already has a major in mind and anyone wanting to save money.  

According to past FCC student, Thomas Hill, “It [FCC] helped me get all of my gen eds out of the way so I could pay the big bucks for Salisbury classes..” Tom is now in his third year and majoring in marine biology. Hill also informed me that tuition is “around $12,000 a year.”

Salisbury also offers academic advising. Students will get an advisor based on their area of interest. According to Salisbury’s main website, academic advisors will help students “select appropriate courses,” “create four-year plans,” “evaluate your progress in meeting degree requirements,” and much more.

According to, Salisbury has a total undergraduate enrollment of 7,650 and a campus size of 201 acres. Obviously, this will be daunting to new students as many of these students will be living on their own for the first time. Fortunately, Salisbury offers many resources to accommodate living.

One such resource are the commons, found in the dorm buildings. Here, students can relax and socialize when they aren’t studying. When asked about the commons, Kalyn Howes, a second-year computational math major said, “People are always in the commons watching Netflix or playing games.”

Howes also told me about that on-campus medical support that’s present. “Not that I’ve used it, but we have a great counseling service for mental health issues.” There are also nurses available for medical appointments. “It’s a big help for those who can’t leave campus,” Howes said.

As for academics, Salisbury offers over 60 majors (a full list can be found here: Along with living, the school includes many resources and opportunities to help students to learn and study. 

Academic commons are also available. These library-like buildings contain many tools and outlets to help students focus on and complete their work. When asked about what the academic commons have to offer, Hill said, “They are filled with quiet rooms, computer labs, study halls and tutoring centers.” Hill also mentioned, “ It’s got four floors so there’s always a place to be secluded.” 

There are also many tutoring opportunities available. There are student instructors along with traditional classes. According to Howes, “They have their own sessions a few times a week to cover what’s going on in class.”

There is also the Student Achievement Center. The center offers free tutoring which is run by other students. “The center offers academic support, workshops, and helpful instruction,” Howes said after being asked about specific resources found in the center. 

One final thing I found pleasantly surprising was the people. As I mentioned earlier, I met old acquaintances and new friends, chatted with students and staff, and learned about the “’Bury culture.” Everyone I met was kind and glowed with college pride, Salisbury pride. As I sit here typing on my laptop, I cannot recall one person who left me with a sour attitude. 

The Seagull supporting institution does not beat around the bush when it comes to supporting and caring about its students. Anyone attending Salisbury, whether as a community college transfer, four-year transfer, or straight out of high school, Salisbury University is a great option for anyone looking to continue their academic career. Go Gulls!

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