Matt Wildrick/The Commuter.

Who do students choose FCC?

By Jason Wilson

Frederick Community College is the choice of post-secondary education for thousands of students. But why? What made these students chose FCC over any other school? The Commuter interviewed four current or former students to find out about this growing trend.

“I like it because it’s a cheaper and easier alternative to my first two years of college as opposed to going straight to state university,”  said Kevin Arguera, a second-year student at FCC.

Arguera also stated that FCC was his first choice in schools. He is set to transfer to University of Maryland next fall.

FCC was also Cadet Fong Sam’s first choice in a school because it was local and affordable. Sam is a former FCC student who now attends Stevenson University.

“Small class sizes that made the learning environment more comfortable,” said Sam when asked why he enjoyed his time at FCC.

FCC “works well for people who are unsure about what they want to do,” said Giancarlo Sulmonte, a second-year student.

This is also why FCC was Sulmonte’s first choice in schools, because he was unsure on what exactly to do. He is now a STEM major set to graduate next year. His plans are to transfer to UMBC upon his graduation.

FCC is not just for those who plan on transferring to a university get a bachelor’s degree.

“It was cheap, easy and convenient,” said Matt Thompson, FCC alumni and current Security Administrator at Fort Detrick, when asked about his reason for attending FCC.  Thompson received an associate’s degree in Networking Engineering and completed his degree in one year.

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