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Students hosting charity talent show

By Brendan Bogley

On April 21 at 7:30 p.m., students at Frederick Community College will be able to share their skills and abilities onstage at the annual talent show in the JBK Theater, located in the Visual and Performing Arts Center.

The Honors Student Association, or HSA, is running the event and thus the task was taken in large measure by Payton Mills, president of HSA and co-director of the talent show. She said that she began this process during the winter break by booking the JBK Theater.

“Show spots fill up rather quickly over there,” Mills said.

January, however, is when the HSA began to fashion the event in-depth. Jeni Lacko, vice president of HSA and talent show co-director, said the group did a lot of planning at meetings, but members put in additional work behind the scenes. As co-directors, Lacko said she and Mills had further responsibilities.

“We would be in charge of running the dress rehearsals, making sure the night goes smoothly, gathering volunteers and things of that nature,” Lacko added.

The proceeds from the talent show are given to a charity selected by the HSA. Lacko added that the options up for debate this year were the Heartly House, the Patty Pollatos Fund Inc. and the Frederick Rescue Mission. After a vote that excluded the HSA executive officers and advisor, students chose Heartly House as this year’s charity.

“Right after we decided, I took the liberty of contacting the Heartly House and let them know that this is something that we’re excited about and invited all of the employees and volunteers to come out and attend the show,” Lacko said.

She added that she also extended an invitation for them to come and sit at the table in the Student Center for a couple of days in-between now and the show date. Lacko hopes that this will garner student interest and get people talking about the Heartly House.

Mills said that last year the talent show raised over $700 for the Adult Congenital Heart Association.

“We had a lot of really great talent come out,” she added.

A year ago, the show consisted mostly of music and bands. Mills said people can also perform anything, such as poetry, a dance or a small skit, but performers need to know that it is a family friendly environment. Acts that include profanity, innuendos or other material unsuitable for children will not be accepted.

Mills said the talent show is a chance for students to be brought together and enjoy each other’s company. Last year, the performers became friends throughout the rehearsal and performance process. Mills added that the show brings the community spirit of a residential campus to a commuter campus, which is often lacking.

Depending on the number of acts, Mills said skits will be allotted up to 10 minutes.

“Acts can sign up by contacting me at [email protected],” Mills added. She said that at least one current FCC student is required for each act. There will also be prizes for first, second and third places, which will be decided by a panel of judges.

The deadline to sign up is April 12, but it may be extended if it seems an insufficient number of people have signed up. Mills believes, however, that no extension will be needed. Students can contact her if they are interested in either performing or volunteering, which will get volunteer hours crossed off by Honors Program Coordinator Dr. Bruce Thompson. Mills guessed that the volunteer work will be upwards of four hours.

Volunteers will help run the show by moving chairs and microphones on and off the stage. They will need to be present at the rehearsal on April 19, as well as on the night of the show. Volunteers will also sell concessions and tickets, but only need to be present on the night of the actual show, albeit early. Mills added that there needs to be two people present whenever sales are involved, so one person will be able to get the supervisor if required.

In order to promote awareness and excitement for the event, Miranda Gardiner, another honors student and president of Film Club, said that she is hoping to produce a commercial for the talent show.

“I wanted to hear from some of the students who participated in the talent show last year and capture their energy and enthusiasm onscreen,” Gardiner said. “I selected three different participants from last year that I feel well represent the diverse talent at Frederick Community College.”

If FCC approves of the commercial she has produced, Gardiner said that she will try to air it on YouTube.

“I hope to air it mid to late March since the talent show is April 21,” Gardiner added.

Tickets to the annual talent show will cost $3 for students and $5 for general admission. However, families of four and up only have to pay a $20 flat rate. Mills added that, as all proceeds will go to the Heartly House, people may also bring money simply to donate.

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