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One student’s idea on restricting smoking

By Taylor Berger

Collin Porter a student at Frederick Community College wants to move the designated smoking areas “as soon as possible” because the smoke is unbearable to some nonsmoking students.

“When I walk out of the H-Building I cannot breathe because of the lingering smoke,” said Porter referring to the smoking area right outside of the double doors that leads to the bookstore. “It’s bad that someone who doesn’t smoke has to take in the side effects of what someone else does,” said Porter.

When asked what needs to happen Porter said, “Designate two areas that are far away from nonsmokers. As long as it is a place where it only affects them, then I would be fine with it.”

Porter would like to see this accomplished as soon as possible. Porter regrets not trying to change the smoking areas when he first became a student at FCC. This is Porter’s last semester at FCC and is his last chance to try to change the designated smoking areas.

Porter brought this issue to the Frederick Community College Student Government Association and according to the SGA Meeting Minutes no policies been made. When Porter was asked if he thinks the SGA is doing enough he said, “I think it is just talked about but no one ever is serious about it.”

When asked what is the SGA doing about the designated smoking areas Kelly Billigmeier the President of the SGA said: “The SGA Board is looking into collaborating with the faculty association on campus and where looking at what can be done. In order to pursue a this we have to work with someone to carry that through.”

Other local community colleges have restricted tobacco and smoking. Montgomery College, Howard Community College, and Carroll Community College have all prohibited smoking and tobacco products.

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