Riley Russell, a freshman who plays center defender for Frederick Community College's Women's Soccer Team.

Calling All Women’s Soccer Players

All school year long, Frederick Community College’s female soccer team is recruiting all those interested in joining, regardless of age, skill level, or availability.


For those interested, don’t worry. You didn’t miss your opportunity to get involved on campus this semester. The women’s soccer team is actively looking for and accepting new members for their team.


“I go to school full time, I have a job, and I play for the team. I’m pretty good at time management, so I’ve never had a problem,” said Danae Schwartzman, one of the captains of the team.


For those who have too much to do during the day: don’t worry! If you’re employed or can’t make every practice, the team and coaches are flexible.


Tyler Rendelman, a captain on the team said, “It’s not any different than before, school is the priority first, and the people on the team understand that.”


Whether it’s the beginning of the semester or mid-semester, the girl’s soccer team will welcome you with open arms.


“Don’t worry about the running or your skill level,” Schwartzman said, “The memories are worth it. Your bond with the team and can look back on that. They only have you play what you can tolerate, so you won’t be overworked or exhausted.”


To qualify to be on the team, you have to be taking 12 credits; however, part-time students can join practices, but not games.


The team stops their season around mid-November, then they will pick up practices again towards the middle of February, before ending again in the middle of May.


The team trains every day from 5:45pm – 7:15pm on the practice field behind the athletics center; however, due to weather restrictions, some practices do have to be canceled.


The school, unfortunately, does not have a turf field. This is a big issue for the athletics department that needs to be brought to attention.


“Most of the area high schools and many of the colleges that we visit have turf fields. Over the past month, there have been, at least, 4 days where we were unable to practice outside due to wet weather,” said Darren Andrew, the head coach of the team. “Not having turf fields can be equated to not having up-to-date classrooms. For athletes, the field is their classroom. Even more important than a turf game field is the lack of accessibility to the soccer game field. It’s unfortunate when spectators show up for games and are unable to get to the bleachers due to the lack of accessibility features.”


This is a problem the athletics department hopes to fix, but for the time being there is not much that can be done.


So, why should you join?


“It gives me the opportunity to meet new people and make connections with people outside of my classes,” said Genna Carioti, the final captain of the girl’s soccer team.


“I like the competition, I am pretty competitive so playing definitely gives me that outlet,” said Rendelman. “Plus, the team bonds you make while playing.”


Schwartzman said, “It’s exciting to play against other people. You play with people you’ve made connections with, they’re your friends.”

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