Frederick Community College offers tutoring for students who are struggling.

FCC offers tutoring to struggling students

Being an independent college student is certainly no easy task. Between long instructional classes and hours of homework, balancing work can become exhausting and stressful. Often, students begin to feel overwhelmed and can fall behind on their work, only leaning on their own abilities. We have all been there before, but it is extremely important to remember that you are not alone.

At Frederick Community College, many knowledgeable tutors are more than happy to help students with their work. Whether you’re having trouble finishing an essay, whether you’re stuck on a tough math problem, or even if you need help studying for an upcoming exam, the FCC tutors are here to help. 

“Students can take advantage of free tutoring, academic coaching, and study skills workshops to help build good study habits and succeed in foundational courses, on campus and off,” said Courtney Sloan, director of Learning Center Services.

Students in need of on-campus tutoring help with introductory science, tech, engineering, math, accounting, or economics may visit the STEM Learning Center on the second floor of Braddock Hall (B212). 

Students who need assistance with writing classes, research, study skills coaching, and beginning ASL or Spanish courses can visit the Tutoring & Writing Center on the second floor of Linganore Hall (L226). 

All on-campus tutoring is available every Monday to Thursday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. with no appointment necessary. 

For students who would rather receive help from home or online, can visit the Tutoring tab on Blackboard. Live session tutoring appointments can be scheduled for Monday through Saturday. 

The best part is, if you have already finished an essay or a paper but feel like it needs some tweaking before turning it in, you can even have the assignment reviewed by a professional FCC writing coach, who will send it back to you within 48 hours; this can also be done on the Tutoring tab.

The only kinds of work students cannot receive help with include graded tests or quizzes and any work a professor has indicated is to be done without assistance. 

The tutors at Frederick Community highly recommend you come and visit whenever you feel you need help; it is very important to understand that the tutors here are an extremely useful resource and not a crutch. 

“Using the learning centers is using your time wisely,” Sloan said. “Students get more done in a session with us than they often do working on their own; plus they walk away from every session not only with the next steps to guide them but also with the knowledge that they are moving forward in their work and class.”

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