Photo of previous Latin Festival

Celebrate Latin culture at the 14th annual Latino Festival

Experience Latin-inspired music, arts, and performances at the 14th annual Latino Festival of Frederick.

The whole community will gather from noon to 5 p.m. Sunday, Sept. 18, at Frederick Community College’s athletic center to celebrate Latino culture in Frederick.

This festival was originally organized to connect people and educate people about Latin culture.
Thanh Thanh St-Johns, one of the organizers of the Latin festival and Diversity Assistant at
Frederick Community College, said, “ we started the festival again because we got back from
Covid, and the festival has that sense of community.”

According to Jeanie Cronin, one of the co-founders of the Latin festival, this event was organized
to educate the people in Frederick, especially the immigrant community, about their resources.
As Sylvana foreman, another organizer for the event, states “this is a time for everyone to
network. To know about other organizations, vendors, and nonprofits.”

“We are so proud to be the only state to offer this free to the public,” said St-Johns.

There is no cost to enter this event to make it all financially accessible. There will also be affordable food
and drinks as well.

Foreman said “this was a fun event and I want to come back next year.”

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