Anyone who has an interest in psychology can join Frederick Community College’s PSYC Club. The PSYC club meets in room H-111 in the Student Center on the first and third Wednesday of every month.

Interested in psychology? Join the PSYC Club!

By Maya Barnes

The Commuter

The Student Club Fair may have come and gone, but many clubs are still looking for members. The Psychology Club or the “PSYC Club” is one of those.

Just like everything else, COVID played a role in the closing of the club; however, the club’s vice president, Loreli Serrano, explained why it has returned.

“People need support now more than ever,” the sophomore said. “They need a place where they can talk, learn, and apply what they learned in their own lives.”

The PSYC Club meets in room H-111 in the Student Center on the first and third Wednesday of every month..

“You don’t have to be a psychology major,” said Summer Grove, second-year student and member of the club. “It’s easy to get the help you need when you’re in the environment where it’s being taught.”

Serrano said there are about 20 members in the club and “we are looking for more.”

Almost every club member has made it clear that they do not want club meetings to be “just another psychology class.”

At the most recent meeting last month, two speakers from Sheppard Pratt talked about internships, career opportunities, and their own experiences working with individuals who have mental health disorders.

Lastly, to make every meeting more fun and sociable, pizza and refreshments are provided during meetings.

 To find out more about PSYC Club or to join, contact leader, Lucas Hannan at or Professor Lisa DiDonato, program manager/club advisor at

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