Lorei Serrano, sophomore, Emma Kokoskie, freshman, Vijay Vashishat, freshman, Colleen Scafide, freshman, and Joe Hawkins, freshman, greeting high school seniors during Senior Night (Photo taken by Tatum Anderson)

Student Ambassadors guide the next class at Frederick Community College

On a quiet Thursday evening at Frederick Community College, the Student Ambassadors program was hosting one of the many events for high school juniors and seniors interested in FCC.

Senior Night is an event that allows high-schoolers to come to FCC and see the campus. There they will receive information on the administrative process, financial aid and much more. This event was on March 17.

The Student Ambassadors program hosted the event. Ambassadors gracefully interacted with the many high-schoolers who attended, and informed them on how much FCC had benefited them as students.

Gina Gyamfi, 19-year-old sophomore from Frederick, said as a Student Ambassador she has been, “helping people who do not know what to major in and learn all about FCC.”

Colleen Scafide, 18-year-old freshman from Frederick, felt similarly in that the event was a, “time for seniors and juniors looking into FCC to come and see the main building and to get information on how to apply.”

While the Senior Nights are one of the bigger events hosted by the Student Ambassadors, it is not the only thing these students do.

“We host events throughout the year, bigger and smaller. We give out tours sometimes, it just depends on what is happening,” Scafide said.

According to Jennifer Sealy, coordinator of Admissions, Recruitment and Outreach, “Ambassadors will work various admissions and campus wide events, such as open houses, campus tours, group visits to campus, or sit on student panels. Ambassadors will also participate in marketing photoshoots, social media takeovers, or phone call campaigns.”

Sealy said in an email that Senior Nights were started to inform students of the enrollment process at FCC. The main goal of the Ambassadors program is to have a wide variety of representation and opinions from current students. They share their experiences with future ones, as well as give advice and other useful information the upcoming freshmen might need.

Some of the Student Ambassadors said there are many reasons to join the program.

“I was enticed by the scholarship,” Scafide said. “I was more excited after I joined and got more involved in campus life and FCC.”

Gynamfi would encourage people to join as well because “it’s a great experience for students, even if they are unsure of what FCC provides.”

“If you want to join the Ambassador program and are intimidated by public speaking or anxious to come out of your comfort zone, the Ambassadors program is a very welcoming program.,” she said. “It helps students with public speaking, gaining other perspectives, and making new friends.”

Sealy offers some encouragement for those with future plans.

“First, being an Ambassador is fun. You get to represent FCC and let potential future students know how great of a school it is,” she said. “There is also a scholarship component to the program so it helps with your tuition. It also provides experience in leadership roles and looks great on a resume or college application when you are looking to transfer.”

If you want to know more: If you wish to join the Student Ambassadors, you can apply through the Foundation Scholarships page during the application period. If you are interested in a scholarship opportunity and a fun way to get involved at FCC, the Student Ambassadors Program could be the program for you. 

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