A pandemic can provide the perfect opportunity to catch up on your Netflix list. Shane Woodson has some suggestions.

The Netflix ‘Must Watch During Lockdown’ Awards

Cooped up in your house with a Netflix account and nothing else to do? You aren’t the only one. The Coronavirus pandemic has caused hundreds of thousands of people to be locked inside their homes, and bored out of their minds. Luckily, Netflix has a large amount of content that would keep almost anyone busy.

With Netflix’s vast majority of content and poor rating system, it can be hard to pick out even one movie that might seem interesting. Lucky for you, this awards ceremony will highlight the greatest of the great you can’t find anywhere else. Each movie and show listed below will be awarded for its creativity, interest value, and overall enjoyment, showcasing a variety of genres. Without further ado, let’s get into it.

Greatest slow-decent into insanity: “Tiger King”

 Yeah, yeah, you’ve probably already heard about this documentary miniseries. Whether it was recommended to you by countless people, or you heard about it from the references and memes on social media, it’s a show you’ve got to see to believe.

Each episode is its own descent into utter madness that’s more insane than the last, putting your trust and sympathy to the test between two people: Joe Exotic and Carole Baskin. Every claim and accusation from each character seems unbelievable, and that doesn’t even compare to what we know has actually happened. If you’re still on the tiger’s fence with this series then check it out. Just try not to get mauled too much.

Most laughs to be had: “Coffee and Kareem”

A buddy cop movie that’s so literal it works, “Coffee and Kareem” exceeds expectations. The raunchy sense of humor is the shining star of the show that differs from other movies with a similar premise.

The chemistry as well in “Coffee and Kareem” is stellar, as you feel a big connection between the two main characters who are faced with drug dealers, kidnappers, and someone who’s behind it all. “Coffee and Kareem” is the best for a laugh out loud, turn your brain off kind of movie.

Best subversion of genres: “Rim of the World”

From all its trailers the “Rim of the World” looks like an innocent PG family flick about a group of kids going on a long journey to save the world. Right as you step into the film, however, things get raunchier and scarier to the point where you should probably cover your kid’s ears.

No matter how many cuss words or sexual jokes are thrown around, the “Rim of the World” showcases the characters as they naturally come together as a family — while being attacked by aliens of course. Check this one out if you think your bigger kids can handle it, just make sure to cover their ears!

Best aged-like-milk classic: “Space Jam”

That’s right, a cheesy ’90s movie filled with corny music, acting and more. Not to mention product placement so blatant that there were shoes named after it. “Space Jam” certainly did not age well, and that’s why so many love it to this day.

The combination of basketball star Michael Jordan, and cartoon stars The Looney Tunes, was and is outlandish, but that’s what makes it fun. With slapstick humor everyone will love, and amazing animation that still holds up to this day, “Space Jam” will hit older fans with nostalgia, and newer fans with a dated timeless classic.

Best new reality sensation: “The Circle”

While yes, the U.S of this show series has been out since January of this year, “The Circle” has gotten so popular there are many different versions for you to check out; the Spain and France versions, as well as the U.K version which started the series off.

The premise is simple: a group of people compete for $100,000 by staying in a small apartment with no communication other than a social media outlet called The Circle. The players who get the highest votes and make the most connections win.

This simple to understand, hard to master, premise can hook anyone in in the blink of the eye, and with each player being unique and easy to cheer on it’s hard to put down. A new season of the U.S version of “The Circle” has been confirmed by Netflix for 2021, so it’s best to catch up before it’s too late.

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