FCC provides places both indoors and outdoors for students to study at. Photo taken by Sara-Marie Ellis.

Study Spots at FCC

Frederick Community College provides many areas for students to do homework, study for tests, quiet rooms and more. 

One of the most popular study spots is the library. The library has a spot designated for minor chatting, separate rooms for study groups or individual study, and areas where there is no talking.

Also, in every building there are couches, tables, chairs and computers set up in certain areas for students to relax before class, and complete work. 

Around campus, outside there are tables and benches for students as well. Some students say studying outside helps them for several reasons. They are not in a classroom or in a library, the scenery is better, and students will spend more time outside studying instead of rushing to get out of the library or class because they don’t want to be in the school environment anymore. 

FCC student Joe Killiam says his favorite study spot is the library. Killiam says, “The library is my favorite place to study because it has many different places I can go. If I am working on a group project my group and I can go into a separate room, if I am trying to study, I can go to the back of the library and really be able to focus on what I am doing because there is no noise.”

FCC student Hannah Walasik says she loves that FCC provides tables and benches outside for studying. Of course, right now, due to it being chillier outside students are mainly studying inside. Walasik says “My favorite place to study is outside. There is never much noise, so I can focus on my work, and when I am outside, I feel like I am more content studying. The environment around me doesn’t make me want to finish my work as quickly as I can and leave, I feel like I am more relaxed.

FCC student Chris Yacoubian says his favorite study spot is in the back of the library, the quiet center. Yacoubian says, “The quiet part of the library is my favorite because I know I am always able to complete my work there. I am easily distracted so I am grateful FCC provided a section of the library for students to study or work on assignments quietly. Even when my classes are over for the day, I go to the quiet section of the library instead of going home to complete other assignments or study because being in this environment makes me more motivated to study and I know I always will complete my work here.”

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