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Psychology Club members enjoy a meal as part of the Psychology of Food Tour of Frederick restaurants AYSE Meso and Isabella’s. Photo by Jess Smith.

Psychology Club Spices it Up

Joining on-campus clubs can be a very exciting part of a student’s academic career, especially being able to participate in the various experiences that come with being part of one. There are a wide variety of clubs on FCC’s campus. One of those is the newly formed Psychology Club.

The Psychology Club formed this semester. Club board members consist of Dr. Lisa DiDonato, the faculty mentor, along with two student co-presidents.

On Oct. 1, the club held a Psychology of Food Tour. Club members went to two restaurants located in Downtown Frederick, Isabella’s and AYSE. They shared meals and discussed the cultural and nutritional impact that food can have in one’s daily life.

“We wanted to keep it as a casual conversation,” explains Dr. DiDonato, “but the deeper purpose was to inspire more of a love for learning of psychology, and to understand that psychology applies to everything in our life, even when we do something as simple as preparing a meal.”

The club enjoyed a variety of tapas-style dishes, which are small plates of food meant for sharing. At Isabella’s club members enjoyed Spanish cuisine, while at AYSE they experienced tastes of the Mediterranean. “It was cool that we got to try these different types of dishes, and that we could share this experience together,” says Dr. DiDonato.

The club emphasized not only the psychology of food culture and nutrition, but also the personal experiences each member at the table had surrounding food. The event was a way for each student to connect with one another, while also using guided questions to further deepen the conversation.

“It was a fun event where we got to learn how psychology applies to food,” said Jennifer Page, one of the co-presidents of the Psychology Club.

There are around 30 to 40 members of the Psychology Club. While this event only allowed for 10 participants, another food tour will be held for students next semester, allowing more students to be able to experience this activity.

“This is the first semester the Psych Club has been an official club at FCC, and we’re excited about getting it off the ground and spreading the word to students to grow in membership,” says Nikki Fallon, co-president, and SGA representative of the club.

Both co-presidents assist in planning the clubs’ meetings, events, and curating interest of the club among FCC students.

Fallon says, “Psychology is my major and has always been a passion of mine, so for me, it just made sense to become involved in a leadership position of a club whose focus aligned with my interest.”

While two club events have already passed, many exciting psychology related events are coming up. Later in October, the date has not yet been set, they plan to host a movie event where they analyze the psychology surrounding a specific film. In November they plan to host a guest speaker. And on Oct. 26 they will be participating in Frederick’s Out of the Darkness walk, as part of their service project.

Dr. DiDonato states, “We want this club to be about getting out in the community and doing things and experiencing things as a group, rather than sitting around and learning more about psychology in the classroom setting.” For any questions regarding the Psychology Club, you can contact Dr. DiDonato at her FCC email;

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