Pool is one of the many popular, social activities FCC offers.

Student Government Helping Springboard Students into Their Future

By: Nathan Moxley

Frederick Community College is often thought of as a “pit stop” on the way to a four-year university. But the 2018-2019 Student Government Association has plans to change that. SGA President Kyle Dineen, a general studies major at FCC, explained that the Student Government wants to boost social and academic opportunities for students this semester and improve relationships with the administration.

There is a focus on the social aspect of FCC because the SGA wants to get more people involved in campus clubs and activities.

“The strengths of this school are also its weaknesses,” said John Ogundeyi, SGA vice president of communications and chemical engineering major. “FCC let’s students get a quick, affordable degree, but many of them don’t participate in clubs and events on campus because they are only there for their classes and not the college experience.”

The SGA seeks better ways to get information to students and open new lines of communication to promote current and future clubs. The SGA is setting up multiple club fairs throughout the semester to help students find a club for them and scheduling the fairs at different times to increase the number of students able to attend.

“I want to help people find what they are passionate about and bring a university experience to the students of FCC,” said Jassback Remirez, SGA vice president of public relations and a nursing major. “If I can help get one student to try something new, I’ll feel accomplished.”

The SGA is also putting focus is student academics. The SGA is trying to help students learn important skills, as well as prepare them for a four-year university.

“Many people think of FCC as a pit stop,” Dineen said. “But what people need to realize is FCC can be a springboard to their future.”

While at FCC, students can take advantage of all the enriching programs the college has to offer that cover a variety of interests. FCC’s Monroe Center, located just a few miles off campus, is a great place to learn some of these innovative skills. The SGA is also working to help point students in the right direction by holding seminars to help maximize their credits. A common theme among SGA members is a push for student growth and to try new things.

“Every opportunity is a chance to grow as an individual,” Remirez said.

The final domain mentioned was administration, and how to incorporate them into helping students. One way the SGA hopes to accomplish this is by helping the administration better understand the struggles that students face. Because the SGA is made up of students themselves, members have a personal connection with the life of a college student. The SGA is also working towards opening better communication between students, themselves, and the administration at FCC.

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