Professor Anne Hofmann engaging with the students in her English 101 class in the Parents Lead Program at Frederick Community College.

Parents Lead to Follow Their Dreams

By: Kara Felice

The Parents Lead program at Frederick Community College focuses on the adult-students with children looking to better themselves and be an example to the younger generation for higher educational success. With the semester already underway, the students in Professor Anne Hofmann’s class have shared their experiences thus far in the program and what it has allowed them to do with their lives outside of class.

Shannon Minor, 38 and a mother of two, works as a certified nursing assistant at Frederick Memorial Hospital. Minor found new direction within the program.

“After losing my corporate job, I took that to change my career field entirely,” Minor said.

Minor decided to take the opportunity with Parents Lead to study and work toward her bachelor of nursing.

Miranda Mitlacher had a rough start in the beginning with the program, but recently returned after giving the idea much thought.

“It has helped push me in the right direction to shoot for my goals.” Mitlacher said. “This has also taught me time management skills, organization, patience, and seeing the big picture.”

Mitlacher is working towards becoming a physical therapy assistant while in the program.

Anne Hofmann, a professor at Frederick Community College, is the leading mind behind the Parents Lead program along with eight other faculty and staff members. The first group of ten students in the program started in the spring of 2018. The second group of nine students is taking the Paretns Lead class this Fall. The program was proposed back in 2016, and the creative minds and teamwork of the President’s office and various offices at Frederick Community College set out to help adult-students with children earn a college degree.

“It’s been very rewarding.” Anne Hofmann shared in her interview. “The program supports those with children and in similar situations to get their college degree.”

While the class this semester is small, it shows promise for those looking to head back to school. The deadline for applications for the spring 2019 semester is Oct. 15th.

You can view the Parents Lead program here:

Photo Courtesy: Kara Felice

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