Photo Courtesy: Alina Frey

Award Winning Producer Enlightens Students on How To Succeed In Life

By: Alina Frey

Originally from Emmitsburg, Maryland, Conrad Weaver presented his new documentary, Heroin’s Grip. The new documentary premiered at Frederick Community College on September 26th. The film recaps the local growing epidemic of heroin abuse across Frederick County and how families are spread apart every day because of this drug growing business.

A regional Emmy Award winner, filmmaker, videographer of multiple documentaries, films and author of many books, gives the remarkable speech to students and adults in the JBK theatre. Weaver provided a unique opportunity to hear from local and outstanding speakers who inspire young adults to set their standards high in all areas of life, including career, academic life, and relationships.

In the Moving Mountains series, Weaver talks about the six step process in turning your dreams into reality. Weaver provides tips for FCC students to overcome anything and everything in life, with the challenges and obstacles that may set them back in life.

Weaver shared a positive attitude and encouraged students to not give up, and always be grateful of what you have.

“You don’t realize how good you have it until it’s all gone,” Weaver said.

Jerry Wolfe is a businessman at the Business Management CO INC, father of three, who are also honor students at FCC. A good example of a middle aged man who isn’t afraid of the talks that were designed for young adults and loves learning in every opportunity he can.

“I may be the only 50 year old father who went to the talk , but hey, old folks learn too,” Wolfe said.

His daughter, Allison Wolfe, attended the event along with her father.

“I really liked spending time with my dad with my busy life and all,” Allison Wolfe said. “At least we both learned something that can benefit us in the future.”

No registration was needed for the Moving Mountains series, just show up, get the most out of the speech, ask questions if have any, take a picture with Conrad Weaver and his wife and just have fun learning about life.

ConjoStudios LLC is a service production-company filled with  quality videos that help tell the story with powerful and engaging messages. From videos, to documentaries, to commercials with promotional memos for all types of individuals and groups, ConjoStudios provided a rare oppurtunity in the Moving Mountains series.

Weaver enjoys giving his time to the team and the production company in order to show his young audience what they are capable of doing.

“If you invest in people, they’re more likely be invested in you,” Weaver said.

Photo Courtesy: Alina Frey

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