Car charging stations at FCC. Abigail Brooke/The Commuter.

Board of Aldermen Discuss Electronic Car Charging Stations in Parking Decks for the City of Frederick

On Thursday, March 4, The City of Frederick’s Mayor and Board of Alderman held a public hearing in the City Hall Boardroom. Michael Cybert, Park Service Supervisor, revealed an open site that Park Services wants to utilize.

The space would be proposed to “help with repairs and support educational activities,” Cybert said. “The space will add to the educational outreach and support learning in Westside Regional Park,” Cybert added.

When the board opened to questions from the public. Jeannette Bartell, a local Frederick Resident, brought forward concern towards the separation of housing and the proposed utilized space.

“I wake up every day and will have to see this space being used for other activities now,” Bartell said. “Are you going to put up a fence? A good one, a bad one? These are the concerns for us as the residents.”

Alderwoman Donna Kuzemchak affirmed that proper action would be taken to make the necessary improvements between the open site and neighboring residence. The motion among Aldermen would be carried in a 5-0 approval of the issue.

The other topic on the agenda addressed adopting a “Plug-in Electric Vehicle Charge Infrastructure Plan.” Jenny Wilby, a member of charging station proposal, brought forward the details of putting charging stations for cars in car decks in the Downtown Frederick area.

“The charging station would occupy the size of one normal sized parking space,” Wilby said.

Alderwoman Kuzemchak raised questions concerning power outages in the parking decks from additional power needed to supply the stations.

Kuzemchak also re-stated that “a parking space would be taken away to supply other cars with a charger.” Prices to build future developments would increase if public charge stations are added throughout the area. The Board of Aldermen voted 5-0 to approve charging stations being placed in parking decks.

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