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Arts professor Poindexter inspires FCC students with creative light

Teacher by day, artist by night, Wendell Poindexter has shed his creative light onto countless students at Frederick Community College. By allowing his creative mind and talent run free, Poindexter shows his love for the arts in and out of the classroom.

“Art is always time consuming, especially if you want to do it properly and be proud of the outcome,” he said.

This is just some of the advice that Poindexter, the Visual Arts program manager, gives to his students. Poindexter, who has been teaching at FCC for about 28 years, expresses his love and commitment for the arts by striving to have his students produce the best work they can.

When asked what the greatest reward from teaching was for him, he had two that came to mind. Poindexter calls one the ‘Aha!’ moment, which he explains as a moment that happened every now and then in the classroom, where some of the students understood the project, but then there were some who didn’t. He explained whether it was something different, he would maybe say, to even a hand gesture of sorts, the students would then catch on.

“They go ‘oh’ and I’m like ‘ok great,’ so I love that moment,” said Poindexter.  

Another moment that seems to be rewarding to him are the times where he will be out in public and see past students, or when they come and visit him, telling him all about where they are in life and how much they appreciated him.

“It never gets old,” he said. “I love it.”

Even though Poindexter is a Visual Arts teacher, he does craft his own art on the side. Currently, he’s been working on producing about 16-20 pieces in order to be able to put on a one-man show. With his art, Poindexter says he tries to have it be “something that will make the viewer take a moment and look and get them to think about what I’m trying to say.”  

McKenna Sites and Carlos Holguin, who are FCC students, are currently being taught by Poindexter in the Visual Arts department.

Sites, who has dabbled with many various forms of art, is interested in pursuing a career.

“I hope to get a higher degree in illustration,” she said.

Holguin, who isn’t planning on majoring in art, said he is currently taking one drawing class, and is planning on majoring in nutrition and dieting.  

Like many students, some will gain a special professor or teacher that they really admire and look up to. For Sites and Holguin, their favorite teacher was Poindexter. When asked why, Holguin said he was “very animated, very lively.”

“[He] keeps you engaged,” he said. “He’s very good about noticing what you need help on.”  

Sites, who also admired Poindexter, says that him and other art teachers will help you “if they see you have talent and interest.”

“They will push you and get your name out there and will personally help you develop your own style,” she said.

Poindexter points out there is always something going on around campus or in the arts building regarding student and faculty work.

Currently, the students in the Arts center are working hard to produce pieces to be featured in the FCC Visual Arts Department Student Juried show, which will take place from May 8 to June 7.

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